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Thank you to all our Donors,Partners, Supporters, Team members, one off volunteers for helping us reach out to Sickle Cell Warriors.
It’s been 3 years of reaching out, educating, impacting and supporting.
Happy Anniversary to Us
Let’s do more

How our founder spent her weekend, with the Buelah SickleCell Foundation in Abuja.

She talked about the need for Warriors to develop themselves with skills, education or a trade regardless of what they are dealing with as it will make them better people. It’s not easy living with Sickle Cell but they should look on the bright side and accept who they are, also they should identify with any Sickle Cell group near them on or offline as such support group helps them with their journey.


It’s Sickletember
Let’s spread the Sickle Cell News across…


Dear kind-hearted supporters of the Sickle cell community, we are here again on behalf of one of our Warriors, Loveth Igbinovia a 28yrs old who is constantly battling chronic leg ulcers for 3 yrs plus.

Currently she has chronic leg ulcers on both legs but one has closed up and the other is infected and really very painful and also swollen, she is malnourished and has lost weight as a result of the chronic ulcer she is dealing with as diagnosed by the doctor.

We are soliciting for your support at this time to be able to help raise 500,000 naira to treat her, as her aged mother is completely exhausted from funding her treatment from the proceeds of her kiosk.

Please kindly help us raise the said amount to help her in getting better and saving a soul.

To donate
Sterling Bank

A little donation here and there can do wonders to saving a hopeless case.


Yesterday was a memorable day and an interactive session with the students of Holy Crest, Bunmi Sec School etc as we discussed genotype and it’s importance.



Pictures of our first free Clinic in Gembu Taraba State.
During the week, ASCF team in Benin/Warri had the opportunity to educate students in Benin from different schools age 11- 15 about Sickle Cell and Genotype compatibility. 
The students present on the both days put together was 350-400, it was an interesting moment as the kids were eager to learn more about the topic.
Some of them had false myths about Sickle Cell Disorder but were explained to facts about the disorder.
One of our goals is to create massive awareness about Sickle Cell Disorder from bottom to top as it will help them make informed decisions as they grow up.
Let’s keep doing what we know how best to do shall we?
Our awareness campaign in Lekki was a success, what a time it was educating people about the disorder.
Thanks to our Lagos State Coordinators for putting things together and having a successful campaign.
It was indeed an interesting time as myths were debunked.
Our first blood drive in partnership with Medical Lab Central hospital was a success, we are grateful to those who showed up to donate.
It runs through the month so if you missed it, kindly send us a DM, we are a message away.
Blood donation cannot be overemphasize, give blood save a life, for Sickle Cell Warriors in in Warri who can’t afford safe blood we got you covered, call in whenever you are in need.
One of our Warriors who needed blood transfusion been transfused as a result of your donation on World Blood Donor Day.
Thank you to our blood donors who have donated and those who are still interested in donating can do so @safaripharmacy or Central Hospital Warri Medical Lab.
And to Warriors who are in need of blood transfusions can contact us via DM or call 07060499792 or +234 813 800 8361, and it is completely free, @audreysicklecellfoundation has paid on your behalf for it’s screening. 
Do not hesitate to contact us if need be.
Thank you to all our blood donors, Supporters and partners for making it possible.

Pictures from our free clinic in Warri. To all those who made it a reality we are deeply grateful.

During the week we had the opportunity to educate the junior secondary students of the famous Idia College in Benin City.

The school has the highest population running over 5000 students and it’s a purely girls school, we had a 3 days awareness campaign for J’s 1-3. It was indeed exciting because they were opened to learning.
The Junior students alone were so many so we had to split for different arms.
It’s was indeed a rare opportunity and @audreysicklecellfoundation team in Benin utilized it accordingly.

Our Founder’s visit to Taraba State produced results unexpected.

Two weeks ago she had decided to get some rest in Taraba state and also see Warriors who requested her presence in the capital city of Taraba State ( Jalingo) on arrival she met a few Warriors in the capital city and during her interaction and stay there she discovered that the inhabitants didn’t know much about the disorder.

Proceeding further for her vacation she got to Gembu/Cameroon where she stayed for sometime, along the line she had a crisis and needed to locate the nearest hospital in the community incase of emergency and that was how she came in contact with GECHAAN; Gembu Center for HIV/AIDS Advocacy Nigeria. She was also told that SickleCell wasn’t talked about there because people don’t know about it and the few Warriors that were there were living ignorant of the situation.

About 1% of the population had a surface knowledge and that was how our Founder took it upon herself to do an awareness campaign about the Disorder in a couple of days in partnership with GECHAAN and Sarduana Youth Org.

Though all of the planning was made within 5days and it was productive, we went on Radio to talk about Sickle Cell in English, Mambillar and Fulani languages. And we had a physical awareness talk about it to those available and also presented certificate of participation to the participants.

She ended up working and spreading the Sickle Cell News during her vacation, she also identified with a about 15 Warriors in Taraba State.

Indeed it was a pleasure meeting Warriors and educating the people about the Disorder.

“Audrey Mukoro is a Teacher, Chef, a Genetic Counsellor, a single mom, a 35 yrs old HbSS Warrior, an advocate from
Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Growing up as a Sickle Cell Warrior was very challenging for me, it affected my self-esteem, made me a loner naturally due to the stigmatization, bullying, I became my own company for a very long time and have experienced bouts of stigmatization, the meanest things I have heard from people, especially family is that I am a witch and I don’t look sick.

My pain episodes and lack of proper health care for Warriors in my community encouraged me to start my NGO to amplify the SCD News and to support those living with the disorder within our organization’s capacity.

@audreymukoro is a positive force in the Sickle Cell Community, she has touched the lives of vulnerable SickleCell Warriors despite living with the condition herself.

This week has been a marathon of educational campaigns for us @audreysicklecellfoundation we started off with a 3 days educational campaign in the ancient city of Benin.

Where we had the privilege of educating over 1300 students from about 12 different schools within the age range of 11-17 with the Sickle Cell News and importance of genotype.

Although some of the students had surface knowledge about the topic but it was a swell time educating and debunking the myths they were used to.

It’s was a marathon campaign as well as an interactive session with the students from different schools as they were really eager to know more.

More pictures of our campaigns from different @audreysicklecellfoundation teams will be posted soon.

Let’s go spread more of the SickleCell News to all and sundry, shall we?

March 5th, we had the opportunity to visit the students of Urhiapele Grammar School in Sapele to talk about Sickle Cell News and Genotype Importance.

These students are between the ages of 14-17 as it was majorly SS 2 students, to our greatest surprise they had little or no idea about Sickle Cell. We did educate them on the topic and they went further to ask questions afterwards.

On leaving the school premises, the gateman intercepted us, he looks elderly and told us his story, that he has nine kids and 5 of whom are Sickle Cell Warriors and the others are AS respectively.

But 4 of the Sickle Cell Warriors were already dead, that he has spent all his fortune on them as at that time they had little or no proper management plan earlier and the 5th of them was the only surviving warrior who is 13 years old and gradually they have learned over the years and experience of the other ones though late but can now handle the one left.

He went further to collect our founder’s complimentary card and requested we introduce him to the organization and any other Sickle Cell Unit if there’s any in Sapele.

We encouraged him and told him to always keep in touch should incase he had issues with his only surviving warrior.

This should no longer happen as technology has advanced and mad things easy, to those reading please kindly know your genotype and that of your intending spouse to avoid these kind of stories.

Let’s keep spreading the Sickle 

On 27th March 2021 we had a project at the great Makoko in Lagos in partnership with WASH, where we the parents and kids in attendance were taught the importance of WASH, liquid soap making and genotype and it’s importance.

Being a yoruba dominated area, we had to get a Yoruba translator who taught them about genotype and Sickle Cell. We had forty people tested for Sickle Cell using the instant test kits.

During the test we had one of the kids who’s result turned out to be SC, she was taken not off and would be visited by the team.
These people have absolutely no idea about the importance of WASH, SickleCell and genotype.

Clearly there’s loads of work to do in communities like these as they are far behind in a lot that has to do with health.

February 18th, we had the opportunity to talk about Genotype compatibility and SickleCell with the students of Nana Model School.

Our campaigns have been on hold due to the pandemic… resuming yesterday was worth it, students were eager to learn about genotype and SickleCell.

Our founder and other team members did justice to the topic and had fun educating the students, as they asked lots of questions during the session.

We look forward to doing more of educating the public on this. Thanks to our dear teammates for doing this.

Our free genotype test in Warri on September 30th was a huge success.

We did 150 free genotype test for the people of Polokor Market in Okumagba layout Warri.

This will help them make informed decisions as we had an awareness campaign in the market some weeks ago.

Thank you to our partners and @audreysicklecellfoundation volunteers in Warri, Agbor, Abuja, Lagos. Y’all are a blessing to humanity.

Our free genotype test and awareness campaign at St Borromeo Catholic Church, Agbor was a huge success.

We did free genotype test for 100 persons at the church and their personal families.

Thank you to our amazing partners and team members in Agbor we couldn’t have done this without you support.


On August 15 & 16th 2020, Audrey Sickle Cell Foundation, partnered with the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation @scafnigeria to facilitate a grant project from @Fidelitybank. This grant helped us deliver relief packages to 100 sickle cell warriors in Warri, Delta State. We are excited that these relief packages would make a significant difference in the life of our warriors.

We are grateful for this opportunity as it has put a smile on the faces of Warriors. The feedback is amazing.

Thank you @scafnigeria @fidelitybankplc 

@audreysicklecellfoundation for the strategic partnership.

Together we can do more.


We have partnered with various organizations to achieve our aims and vision, the likes of @westendhospitalwarri @nob_foundation @safaripharmacy 

@operanewshubng @newwarri @capitolhills 

to mention a few, we are dedicated to putting a smile on faces of Sickle Cell Warriors and to this end we are willing to do more and open to working others who are all out to make a change in the lives of people.

It’s our aim to make sure that Sickle Cell Disorder is reduced to barest minimum through awareness campaign programs.

The team is dedicated to moving the organization forward, also we are out to help indigent Sickle Cell Warriors to the best of our ability.

They have proven to be very supportive to the cause and for this, I say thank you, you guys are the best and an amazing support.

Watch this space as we profile them in the coming days.


Say hello to the amazing crew behind Audrey Sickle Cell Foundation.

We are a Non Profit Organization whose core aims is to actively raise Awareness and Educate the masses about Sickle Cell Disorder, as well as caregivers, friends and families of Sickle Cell Warriors on how to deal with the disorder and manage their wards.

We actively Support and also Advocate for Sickle Cell Warriors who are less privilege, and ensure they get access to quality health care.

Starting Audrey Sickle Cell Foundation in 2018 it has being a movement of helping warriors within our organization’s capacity, so far we have reached out to 2200 Warriors from all over the country, we have created massive awareness on and offline, over a million plus have read our articles on @operanewshubng @punchnewspapers etc.

Today ASCF team visited the founder’s alumni…Hussey College Warri, was a great time with the students and the teachers as they were so interested in the topic and even requested our presence again sometime in the future.

The guardian counsellor also volunteered to join us talk to them during assembly. Students came up with questions of hearing that there’s AC as a genotype… Their curiosity was satisfied and false myths about Sickle Cell.

Some teachers came further to talk about how lucky their relationship with their spouses back in the day and narrowly escaped mistakes of birthing warriors to a threshold of pain.

The students and teachers went further to applaud and appreciate the team and the founder for being the brain box behind the initiative.
It was a memorable day at the founder’s alumni.


Besides attending the @acscd_conf in Lagos, ASCF visited the Opera News Office and sealed off the agreement of being the first Sickle Cell NGO to come share the SCD story on one of the largest News platform… This is a huge one for the Sickle Cell Community, putting our story as a community on this platform will help us get our story to a larger audience.

One of the core values of ASCF is to create awareness and educate people about the disorder. So for us it’s a huge plus and an opportunity to be heard.
Let’s trend Sickle Cell Disorder.

#ASCF                                   #sicklecellcommunity
#teamsicklecell               #operanews
#letstalkaboutit             #whatsyourstory
#africa                                #nigeria
#lagos                                #newshub

Its a #tbt to our first annual Warri sickle cell walk… Its that time of the year again for our second Warri annual sickle cell walk, let’s make memories by supporting the warrior’s community in Warri. Let’s spread the sickle cell news to help curb the genotype ignorance and stigma

Date: June 15th
Start route: Willie junction opposite Robinson plaza

Warri let’s do this.

On Wednesday ASCF team arrived Gembu Taraba State for it’s proposed program and campaigns in partnership with GECHAAN.
Since our arrival it’s been a marathon of School Campaigns.

So far we have visited 6 Schools with a total number of 2500+ students to talk about the importance of genotype and the Sickle Cell News. We round up today.

Sometime ago in 2020 our Founder came in for a vacation in Taraba State and she had an episode that needed hospital intervention, that was how she discovered that the inhabitants and even the local hospitals didn’t really have an in-depth knowledge about SCD and she was referred to GECHAAN; an NGO that has a hospital facility for HIV victims and the Drs gave her the attention she needed.

Afterwards she interviewed the doctors and some inhabitants of the community it was discovered that they had no knowledge about it and referred to SCD as something that eats them up which leads to death.

That was how the partnership with GECHAAN started in 2021 and since then, Warriors have been identified, they now attend a Monthly Free Sickle Cell Clinic courtesy of @audreysicklecellfoundation in partnership with GECHAAN.

More details coming soon

Let’s make more impact!!!


A few days or weeks ago @instablog9ja posted a video of a Warrior that went viral; who was feed up with the discrimination she’s dealing with from relationships to friends etc we have been trying to reach out to her to give her the needed support and encouragement but all to no avail.

Few days ago our efforts produced positive results via our Organization’s Ambassador who located her and set up a meet and greet between our Founder and our team in Benin.

They had a meet up where she bared all she has being dealing with, our founder gave her loads of love and encouragement, told her she now has a family or community of people who understands what she is going through or gone through

Truth be told her recent experience could have lead her to depression or worse off but thankfully @audreysicklecellfoundation came in at the right time.

We deal with alot, but it’s easier when you have a people who genuinely care about you and encourage you to do better.


This week we began our Awareness Campaign for the year, Yesterday ASCF team Warri visited Sedico Secondary School to enlighten the students about the importance of knowing their genotype and the Sickle Cell News.

With this registered in their minds it will help them make informed decisions as they grow fully into adulthood.

The importance of knowing one’s genotype cannot be overemphasized, because daily we still see people who don’t have the slightest inclination about their genotype or blood group, they blindly start a relationship and afterwards start running ‘kitikiti’ to look for solutions.


Last week Monday @audreysicklecellfoundation team in Benin had a marathon awareness campaign for students of different schools, starting from Monday through Friday.

As one of our core aims, spreading the Sickle Cell News, is a must for us as a team, the schools present for the campaign were up to 15 secondary schools with a total of almost 2000+ students.

It was indeed a memorable experience, telling the young generation about genotype importance and Sickle Cell, so they can grow up with the consciousness.

Let’s do more shall we?


Meet our Partners from GECHAAN Gembu and Police Clinic Jalingo Taraba State.

We are grateful for this partnership and the opportunity to touch lives. It’s been a smooth sail.

We keep making impact, the best way we possibly can.


Being the first clinic we were not expecting so much crowd, but it was a humbling experience, during the clinic we learned that @audreysicklecellfoundation was the first of it’s kind since the existence of the state capital.

We recorded a total of 76 indigent Sickle Cell Warriors who needed medical interventions and support.

It’s was a really good one and we are glad we are part of this, we hope to get more partners on board and continue the clinic on a monthly basis, interested in doing this with us kindly send a DM.

#scdlife #sdg3 #sdg17 #freesicklecellclinic
#warri #gembu #jalingo #sicklecellfamily #sicklecellanaemia #smile #exclusive #governorortom #governordairusishaku

About strategic partnership in the cause of running a health organization.

Over the years, we’ve had experiences and partnerships that was short-lived because not everyone understands that chronic illnesses isn’t a one time commitment but a continuous support and medical interventions.

As an organization that is passionate about impacting and supporting Sickle Cell Warriors, we are fully committed to the work we do and, we can’t say we have had it all rosy, but the driving force is unwaivering.

Just recently, we got a call from one of the organizations in Warri that is doing amazing with it’s organization, and they’re interested in what we do and are willing to help in the best possible way out. We are excited to have them on board as one of our partners.

We are grateful for those partners who have stood by us, and helping us teach a wider range.

Let’s keep impacting and supporting Sickle Cell Warriors within our Organization’s capacity.

On this day 2018, we embarked on a journey to help humanity; Sickle Cell Warriors who can’t help themselves or have little or no support, and boy it’s been overwhelming.

We are grateful for the opportunity to support SickleCell Warriors, we are grateful for our partners, donors and sponsors we couldn’t have done this much without you supporting the vision our Founder laid down.

We have lost counts of Warriors we’ve reached out to, we have our free Clinics running in 3 different locations, we have our presence in Edo, Taraba and Delta State respectively, we have our HMO plan ( medical insurance) running, we various programs and partners, we have covered lots of Secondary Schools up to 40+ with thousands of students, we’ve been recognised by NVA, DFA,NOB, Operanewshub, Punchnewspapers, published on several social media platforms, to mention a few.

We are mostly awed by our Founder’s passion and enthusiasm towards her kind, she’s the brain behind the organization, and also our amazing Volunteers and foot soldiers, we are here because you keyed into our vision.

Cheers to a new year
Cheers to more meaningful impact
Cheers to good health.

Let’s keep putting smiles on the face of humanity.